Campaign Manager

Key benefits for political party leadership

Delegates different tasks to party hierarchy with delivery deadlines

Tracks progress and provides auto alerts to leader on tasks status

Prioritizes Constituency Tasks in a criticality matrix, for better focus

Provides Simple Dashboard to manage election campaign, by any parameter - Issue/Delegate/Constituency/Criticality

Diverse Features

Campaign Manager (CM) provides Single dash-board for Political leadership-in the run-up to the elections.

An indication of the volume of tasks to be handled at each state, at any given time during the election campaign

  • For 25 Parliament constituencies x 300 average = 7500 tasks
  • For 175 Assembly constituencies x 50 average = 8750 tasks

The complexity is heightened when many tasks will be dynamic – initiated on a daily basis. Political leadership can take tactical decisions without human intervention, which will be mostly biased TOTAL CONTROL IS WITH THE PARTY ! WE WILL SETUP AND TRAIN Place and Input & Reporting Team is yours Reports to leadership is given by YOU NO single time sale. SaaS model ensuring economical spend in a deferred manner. After taking over power, CM tool can become a e=Governance tool to monitor bureaucrats too – With just a minor modification

AVS Labs will get Campaign Manager (CM) working for you immediately. Training to input data is very basic and low-cost resources available locally can be deployed asap.