A powerful e-Governance tool for the political party leadership, to monitor bureaucratic efficiency.

    Key benefits for political party leadership which has formed the government, post elections
  • Delegates different tasks to government bureaucrats, with delivery deadlines
  • Tracks progress and provides auto alerts to leader on task status
  • Prioritizes each government department Task in a criticality matrix, for better focus
  • Provides Simple Dashboard to manage all departmental heads, by any parameter – Issue/Bureaucrat/Department/Criticality
    Some additional benefits
  • For the political party which used Campaign Manager (CM) this e-Governance tool is a natural progression
  • With just additions of a few fields the CM will become e-GEM
  • The e-Governance tools provided by the government is run by the bureaucrats, will favour them and not be transparent for the political party leader who is now in power

AVS Labs will get e-Governance Efficiency Manager (e-GEM) working for you immediately. Training to input data is very basic and low-cost resources available locally can be deployed asap.