Media Monitor(MM)

Key benefits of Media Monitor (MM) & How will be useful for ...

Single dashboard to view news from all media channels – Print, TV, Online, Radio, Social media

Search facility to view past and present news in any parameter – by Issue/Personality/Place/Media/Nature of coverage (Positive or Negative)

MM will give Political party leadership a single dashboard everyday morning to take tactical decisions immediately.

Police Intelligence – Intelligence needs inputs from not only media but also from field sources like humint.

Diverse Features

News from all media channels at your fingertips! Powerful tool for Political parties, Police Intelligence, Corporate communications, Media companies and Research organizations

Corporate Communications – Companies can have a data-base of media coverage about them, competitors, industry news. MM will provide the company’s top management all the relevant industry news in one window. The company can leverage MM with opportunity PR.

Media companies – News organizations need back material for researching a story, need to keep abreast of the tone and content of breaking news from different media channels. MM will provide them the dashboard for all journalists, reporters and editors.

Research organizations – Trend analysis, Industry watch becomes easier when all inputs can be stacked by each vertical. MM will save time and resources for research personnel

AVS Labs will get Media Monitor working for you immediately. Training to input data is very basic and low-cost resources available locally can be deployed asap.